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Emergency & Safety Guide

Parents and Guardians Have a Key Role in Emergency Response

During and following an emergency situation, school and district officials must act quickly and follow established emergency protocols to safeguard students and staff, secure schools, and communicate accurate information in a timely manner. Parents can assist greatly by helping with preparation before the emergency.

Student Safety​

Let’s Work Together to Keep Our Students Safe. Students are being injured by vehicles at alarming rates. Please do your part to keep students safe. 

  • Watch out for pedestrians and bicycles. 
  • Expect children to be walking or riding bikes to and from school or their assigned bus stop between the hours of 6 am – 9 am and 1 pm – 5 pm.
  • Obey the speed limits and stay alert.
  • Urge your friends and neighbors to use caution when driving before and after school. We must change this trend and work together to keep our students safe.

Campus Safety

Using Crosswalks

Please only use the marked cross walks when walking from the parking lots to the school sidewalks. Crossing between the buses is not safe.

​Morning Supervision

Teachers share supervision responsibilities beginning at 7:30 am. Please refrain from dropping off your child to school prior to 7:30 am. for the safety of your child.

Visitors on Campus

Any adult who comes on campus after 8:10am MUST go to the office first to sign in as a visitor or volunteer. All visitors and volunteers must wear their white name tags for the safety and security of all students. This will allow the teachers and students to know your purpose for being on campus. Please park in designated parking areas and lock your vehicle at all times when on campus.